Future Activities!

At first we are targeting on few of the developmental activities as follows,

a. We are concentrating on adopting Government and aided schools in remote areas so that we can develop the quality of the school/ Teachers, ability of the students and promote the local parents to send their Child to the local Government Schools with the assurance of the development of their students, in this way we adopted Nehru Government aided School at Velangippattu village with the strength of 175 students and CRDR involved in construction of well designed toilets for boys and girls and other infra structures of the school. As such Government aided school at Vada Ari Rajapuram, near Buvanagiri where the buildings are damaged, lack of electricity and no toilet and drinking water facilities available in this school due to this lack of facility the parents feel unsafe to send their Children to that School, due to which the student strength is very less. We are planning to prepare that school in a good condition and to increase the strength of student in the upcoming academic year 2016-2017 as such in above mentioned other villages also.

b. CRDR plans to start evening Remedial Schools in the remote villages so that we can involve/educate/promote the village students to develop their skills in a better way. At first we are aiming to start 25 remedial Schools in remote and needy villages of Cuddalore district and Puducherry till the end of February 2016.

c. Conducting special classes to the village students who are preparing to take up the SSLC (10th) and H.Sc (12th) Government examinations and giving them timely counselling's etc.

a. CRDR aims to develop the ability of educated youth to work in the right place with right pay and with their option, so we planned to prepare them in facing the interviews with necessary skills by means of soft skill development and other related programmes.

b. Directing them in initiating themselves to become as entrepreneurs according to their creativities in their respective field.

c. Guidance and training the village women for involving them in preparing self employment programme like integrated agricultural farming and making of handicraft items etc.

a. CRDR plans to construct well furnished decent living houses for those residing in huts in the legalised (Patta/ownership) lands, with the cost of Rs.1,13,000/- (Rupees One Lakh Thirteen Thousand), so that the affected people could not be affected again due to same form of calamities.

b. Those who are living in Government land CRDR will support them to repair the houses by providing the materials for making their temporary shelters.

a. CRDR observes that there are several families in the villages taking only one time of food per day and living with one or two sets of clothes since they are Early widows, aged, diseased, physically challenged and does not have any sort of support for their livelihood, based on this criteria we have selected most needy 250 families in Cuddalore district and we are trying our best to provide them the minimum requirement of Groceries, medicines, Clothes etc, for certain period of time.

b. Assisting financially for the self employers like Washerman, Bullock carts, puncture shops, poor farmers, petty shops etc. as per their requirements, so that they can survive their livelihood as they did earlier.

Setting up of village Awareness Centres in the above said 10 villages, so that it can be utilised as public library and CRDR will sponsor daily news papers, employment news magazine, agricultural news magazine, and conducting of timely workshops once in every 15 days with the aim of creating awareness on various Governmental Schemes, Social, health and agricultural based awareness and village meet with Youths, Women, farmers and other needy sections.

For the above said schemes, we have selected 11 villages primarily where the village people came forward to form a youth group and to monitor these betterment activities in their respective villages.

Thottithoppu- (Kurinjippadi Taluk) 75 (Irula Village) Villiya Nallur - (Buvanagiri Taluk) 80
Velangipattu - (Buvanagiri Taluk) 88 Athiya Nallur - (Buvanagiri Taluk) 120
Esanur - (Kattumannar koil Taluk) 85 (Irula Village) Natarajapuram - Chidambaram Taluk) 30
Kalli Medu - Chidambaram Taluk) 62 Thazanallur - Thittakkudi Taluk) 15 (Irula Village)
Varagur pettai - Chidambaram Taluk) 80 (IrulaVillage) Karmangudi - Virudachalam Taluk) 34 (Irula Village)
Kuravan Colony - (Kurinjippadi Taluk) 30 (Gypsy Village)

CRDR aims to develop the above said villages for the upcoming 2016-17 year as a model village with full of literacy, employment, healthy, hygienic and eco friendly village. We expect your valuable support and guidance towards the betterment of this underprivileged section of our society.

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