Villages are the back bone of a nation

Every village and Villagers should get the same Care, Respect, Development and Response, like others!

Mahatma Gandhiji -

"India lives in her seven hundred thousand villages."
CRDR aims to develop villages for the upcoming 2016-17 year as a model village with full of literacy, employment, healthy, hygienic and eco friendly village.

Our Developmental Activities

Educational Empowerment

Employment Generation

Housing Plan

Emergency Assistance

Village Awareness Centres

Appeal from the Advisor

Our team committed for our extreme level best to uplift the lifestyle of the affected people in the affected region to an extent, so that they might not be a victimized during future course of time due to natural or any other calamities, still we want to do much more better activities in a wider aspect with all your support and guidance since the sufferings of the people are uncountable from every aspects. Read More [→]

Inamul Hasan
Advisor, CRDR

Welcome to CRDR!

Centre for Rural Development and Research (CRDR), a registered society under society act, initiated by the youths working for the development of the rural areas of our Country since the Villages are the backbone of the country and it should be strong and self sustain to make the nation a developed, we feel it is most important to educate the village population in every aspect to feel them proud to be a better human in the society and ensuring them to lead a dignified life.

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